Yeast Infection Symptoms

One of the reasons that it’s difficult to determine if you are suffering from a yeast infection or some other related condition is that yeast infection symptoms can be varied and hard to nail down.  Another thing that makes it somewhat confusing is that there are several other similar conditions that produce almost identical symptoms.

Obviously, as with any medical condition, you will need to see a doctor to arrive at a definitive diagnosis.  However, here are some symptoms you might expect to see if you are, indeed, suffering from symptoms of yeast infection.

1) Itching - Itching is by far the most common symptom of yeast infections.  Persistent itching, which does not go away and is miserable and distracting.

2) Burning – Burning is related to itching, and sometimes is a second level if the infection isn’t dealt with.

3) Soreness - Muscular soreness, both interior and exterior, that occurs particularly during intercourse, can be a tell-tale yeast infection sign

4) Vaginal Discharge - Yeast infections do not always cause discharge, but it is quite common.  The discharge will be white and odorless, and the texture is generally spongey and thick.  It’s often described as looking like cottage cheese.

5) Reccurrance of the Infection – In about 5% of yeast infection sufferers, the infections will be a recurring problem that is difficult to deal with.  Even after it seems it’s been dealt with, it will keep coming back again and again.

Yeast Infection Pictures

If you’re wondering if you are suffering from a yeast, or candida, infection, you probably want to see some yeast infection pictures.  I mean, you may be unsure what it is or if that is what you have merely by reading the descriptions.  After all, it can be difficult to form an accurate mental picture of something merely by reading descriptive texts.  And even if the mental picture you form is one hundred percent accurate, you will have no way of knowing that for sure until you actually see some pictures.  There are other similar infections and maladies that there is an equal chance that you might have, until you can compare what is going on in your own body to what is happening in pictures that are definitely of candida – a control group, if you will – it’s difficult to know for sure.

Yeast infections are caused when the candida albicans spread beyond limits set forth by the body. Although candida infections are troublesome due to the itching, but they can’t bother someone beyond a certain point of time. The treatment for this disorder is also quite simple. A vagina that is healthy also has bacteria that prohibit the overgrowth of these yeast.

Candida infections are one of the most annoying female diseases that is present today and therefore it’s important that treatment for it is taken on time. You can click the yeast infection pictures to take them to a doctor and let him tell you whether you are infected or not.

If you are not pregnant and are able to recognize the symptoms of yeast infection yourself, then you can treat yourself for this infection. You can make use of an anti-fungal cream or fungicidal tablets that can be consumed through swallowing. Even vaginal suppositories can be introduced into the vagina for getting rid of it.

Since candida infections have become so frequent during pregnancy, you should know about their incidence, before treating them, you should consult a doctor regarding them. Don’t take medicines just like that. Any cream can’t be used for the purpose of curing this infection as some creams make use of certain oils that harm the latex used in female condoms.

Some women suffer from recurrent yeast infections. If you get more than a single yeast infection in an year, then see your physician as soon as possible. This may mean that your yeast infection is due to another health disorder called diabetes.

When you see yeast infection pictures and determine what is happening for yourself, then you can decide on a course of treatment.